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Makeblock HaloCode

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RETIRED PRODUCT - We've stopped stocking this product or it has been retired by the manufacturer and is no longer for sale. This page remains available for its resources and as a source of potential interest.

The Makeblock HaloCode is a single board computer with built-in Wi-Fi specifically designed for education. It has a compact design and integrates a broad selection of electronic sensors and modules. Pair this with the provided block-based programming software mBlock 5 and the HaloCode offers all sorts of opportunities to create AI & IoT applications with just a few clicks!

Makeblock HaloCode

Built-in Wi-Fi modules, for everyday creations

It's easy to create IoT applications using the Halocode and mBlock 5, students can connect to the device to the internet in as little as 3 steps. This makes it easier than ever to create and use IoT applications and smart home devices.

Supports AI Speech

HaloCode makes AI speech recognition super-easy to use thanks to the onboard microphone and the Microsoft Cognitive Services which are integrated into mBlock 5. Students can learn to apply this cutting-edge AI technology by creating a fun, interactive game or voice-activated device.

Programming made easy with Scratch and Python

Designed explicitly for coding education, HaloCode works perfectly with the provided programming software mBlock 5. Using Scratch students can drag and drop the command blocks to code making programming as intuitive and straightforward as playing. After grasping how to program with blocks, you can effortlessly convert to Python coding with just a click. It displays the relationship between the two languages and shows the changes in real time. The step up to text-based coding is a natural progression and gives more freedom and endless possibilities.

Makeblock HaloCode

Create engaging projects using both hardware and software

HaloCode encourages students to use everyday items to create electronic projects. They can design a game, then use HaloCode as a controller and use real objects as a joystick or buttons to control the game.

HaloCode also supports 60+ external sensors and devices as well as the ones onboard. Plugging these specific modules into the board expands its uses even further and unlocks the possibility of using it to teach subjects such as applied science. You can illustrate the principle of light, demonstrate a heat or soil humidity detector. Students can freely explore scientific applications through coding and creating.

Makeblock HaloCode

Board Specifications:

  • Processor: Xtensa dual-core LX6 microprocessor (Clock Speed: 240MHz)
  • Communication: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro-USB 
  • Onboard Memory:
    • Flash: 440K
    • RAM: 520K
  • Expanded Memory:
    • SPI Flash: 4MB
    • PSRAM: 4MB
  • Onboard Components:
    • 12 RGB LEDs
    • Motion Sensor
    • Microphone
    • Button
    • 4 Touch Sensors (I/O Pins)
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Dimensions: 45mm in diameter
  • Weight: 10g