MakerBeam Starter Kit Black - Aluminium Mini T-Slot Threaded Beam and Fasteners

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This is a kit of assorted aluminium beams, brackets and fasteners perfect for building frames, robots, and lots more.

The precision engineered beams have a square profile (10mm). Each side has a slot running along its length into which can be slid the provided bolts. This method of fastening allows for accurate, rock steady joints.

All of the contents can be easily re-used, and combined with other parts from the same manufacturer. The beams are anodised in black and have threaded holes each end.

The Regular Starter Kit consists of 50 beams, 60 brackets, a bag of bolts and nuts and a hex nut driver.

  • 50 Mini T-slot profile beams anodised in black:
    • 4x300mm
    • 8x200mm
    • 6x150mm
    • 16x100mm
    • 8x60mm
    • 8x40mm
  • 60 stainless steel brackets:
    • 12 x 90 degree
    • 12 x 60 degree
    • 12 x 45 degree
    • 12 x corner brackets
    • 12 x 90 degree right angle
  • 1 bag of M3, 6mm square headed bolts with hex hole
  • 1 bag of nuts (M3)
  • 1 hex nut driver