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Omega2 IoT WiFi Development Board

by Onion
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RETIRED PRODUCT - We've stopped stocking this product or it has been retired by the manufacturer and is no longer for sale. This page remains available for its resources and as a source of potential interest.

The Omega2 IoT computer is Onion’s Linux-based, WiFi development board designed to enable makers of all skill levels to build connected hardware applications. Plug in your Omega and it will boot the operating system right away, allowing you to develop in your favourite programming language, create web applications, and interface with a variety of hardware with minimal time and effort spent getting started.


At the Omega2's core is the MT7688 SoC that features a 580 MHz MIPS CPU and supports 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi as well as 10M/100M wired ethernet network connectivity, and operates at 3.3V. The Omega2 comes with 64MB of DDR2 DRAM memory and 16MB of on-board flash storage.

The Omega was built to interact with other hardware, so it has a wide variety of hardware interfaces. It has dedicated pins for USB2.0 and Ethernet as well as 12 GPIO pins that can be controlled by the user. These GPIOs can support the I2C, UART, and SPI serial communication protocols.


The Omega2 runs an Onion-customized version of the LEDE (Linux Embedded Development Environment) Linux operating system, a distribution based on OpenWRT. Since there is a full Linux OS running on the Omega, users are not limited in their choice of programming language. Supported programming languages include:

  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • Rust
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • GoLang
  • Shell

The Omega OS comes equipped as a web server by default, so that other devices on the local network can interact with the Omega through a browser.

IoT Computer

So what makes the Omega2 an IoT Computer? It is a combination of the following:

  • Small form factor
  • Power efficiency
  • Processing, networking, and encryption capabilities
  • Flexibility that comes from running a Linux OS
    • Support for many programming languages and many simultaneous processes

The Omega2 is powerful and flexible enough to be the brain of almost any IoT device.

Omega + Dock

For the best experience and most functionality, the Omega can be plugged directly into any of a number of docks provided by Onion. All Docks can be powered with a regular Micro-USB cable and contain a regulator circuit to safely provide 3.3V to power the Omega, so plug it in and get started with your Omega with no worries.

Each Dock adds unique functionality to the Omega, including exposing the Omegas GPIOs, supporting the plug and play Omega Expansions, provide USB connectivity, among other things.

Technical Details

  • 580MHz MIPS CPU
  • 64MB Memory
  • 16MB Storage
  • USB2.0 support
  • 2.4GHz b/g/n WiFi
  • 3.3V Operating Voltage
  • 12 GPIOs
  • Support for UART, I2C, SPI