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Particle Shield Shield for Photon

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RETIRED PRODUCT - We've stopped stocking this product or it has been retired by the manufacturer and is no longer for sale. This page remains available for its resources and as a source of potential interest.

Enables the use of your existing Arduino shields and accessories with your Photon.

The Particle Shield Shield converts the footprint and pins of your Photon or Core into that of an Arduino, allowing for use of existing Arduino shields and accessories. This shield converts the pin mapping of the Core to the Arduino pin layout and provides a voltage translation of 3.3V to/from 5V. Compatible with both the Core and the Photon.

Sometimes life can be a little difficult in the land of electronics when two systems talk a different voltage language. How do you make them talk to each other without making one of them burn out? The Shield Shield is the answer. This shield performs all the necessary voltage translation and provides an Arduino-compatible footprint to make it easier for you to plug in your existing Arduino shields or talk to other 5V hardware.

This version of the Shield Shield (v3.x.x) uses dedicated mosfet based voltage translation on the I2C lines with an added prototyping area in empty space in the middle of the shield.

Texas Instruments TXB0108PWR is used to do the voltage translation in between the Particle's device's 3.3V to a 5V logic. Unlike other IO pins, the analog pins are rated at only a max of 3.3V and NOT 5.0V. Please remember NOT to exceed this voltage at anytime. The shield has an on-board voltage regulator and can be powered from 7V to 15V DC source. You could also power it via the USB plug on the Particle device alone but the current would be limited to 500mA.

Note: One drawback of using the TXB0108PWR as a voltage translator is that it is only capable of driving loads at short distances. Long length wires will introduce excessive capacitive loading and cause the auto direction detection to fail. To overcome this drawback, the shield shield also has an optional on-board 74ABT125 buffer that is capable of driving heavier loads in one direction. A user can jumper wire to whichever IO pin they would like to be translated to 5V.



  • Operating voltage: 7 to 15V DC
  • Current consumption: standalone 7mA at 9V DC
  • Voltage translator with auto direction detect: TXB0108PWR
  • Dedicated MOSFET based voltage translator on I2C lines
  • Separate unidirectional quad buffer for driving heavy loads: 74ACT125
  • Diode protection on ADC pins
  • Dimensions: 3.4" x 2.1"
  • Weight: 28g