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RF Explorer 3G+ IoT for Raspberry Pi

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The RF Explorer 3G+ IoT module is a ready to use, advanced spectrum analyzer device that you can configure and control in any way you want. It can be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any other programming platform. Develop your own customised spectrum analyzer, power detector, RF activity alarm, RF sniffer, RF QA test bench and more.

Enable remote control and diagnosis scenarios, fully automated RF alarm systems, and advanced assistance for unattended detection requirements such as those of radio operators, cell towers and HAM stations with the programmability and network capabilities of the hosting platform.

The board has 2 configuration modes; One for the Raspberry Pi and one for Arduino. The Raspberry Pi HAT can be converted to Arduino Shield by soldering standard 0." male headers to the PCB. Designed in this way, it is easy to reconvert the board to a different hosting platform with no extra cost if you have different needs down the road. Other platforms such as BeagleBone, Chip, Chipkit, Teensy can all easily control a RF Explorer 3G+ IoT by manually connecting to a standard UART port.

Please Note:

  • When using the Raspberry Pi 3, WiFi should be shut down to avoid interference with the analyzer.


  • Design and customize your own Spectrum Analyzer, RF Detector, RF Sniffer, etc
  • Open source design, open source libraries and examples
  • Supported by all Raspberry Pi boards (Not recommended for the Raspberry Pi A+ due to no ethernet connection)
  • Can update IoT firmware directly from Raspberry Pi no other accessories are required
  • Flexible board: can be connected to a Raspberry Pi by soldering a compatible female header
  • Recommend to select SMA antennas for a specific application


  • The module includes 3G+ MWSUB3G advanced RF Explorer module
  • Frequency band coverage 15-2700 MHz
  • Connector Standard SMA 50 ohms
  • Selectable input stage Normal, LNA, 30dB Attenuator
  • Amplitude resolution 0.5dBm
  • Dynamic range -130dBm to +10dBm
  • Absolute Max input power +30dBm
  • Average noise floor level -120dBm (typical with LNA enabled)
  • Frequency stability and accuracy +-10ppm (typical)
  • Amplitude stability and accuracy +-3dBm (typical)
  • Amplitude and Frequency calibration All modules are factory calibrated
  • Frequency resolution 1Khz
  • Resolution bandwidth (RBW) automatic 3KHz to 600KHz
  • DC Voltage Level 3.3V on all pins
  • DC Protection Protected with a resettable fuse
  • Power consumption 100-500mW