RFID Tag (Adhesive Paper Label) - 125kHz

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This is an adhesive paper label with low frequency RFID tag inside working in the 125kHz radio frequency range. These tags come with a unique 32-bit ID and are not re-programmable. They can be applied to many different surfaces and are great to pop into a book or notepad.

Key applications:

  • Public transportation
  • Access management
  • Event ticketing
  • Gaming
  • Identity

Compatible RFID 125KHz Chips:

  • TK4100
  • T5557 / T5567 / ATA5567 / ATA5577
  • EM4200-Compatible, EM4102-Compatible

LF Label:

  • Dimmensions: 38x38mm
  • Printing Method: Silkscreen Printing
  • Temperature: -25oC to +50oC