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RGB LED for micro:bit

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The MonkMakes RGB LED for micro:bit provides a colourful add-on to your micro:bit. Connect it up with alligator clips and then use the three outputs of your micro:bit to control the red, green and blue channels to mix up any colour of light you want.

Please Note:

  • BBC micro:bit not included
  • Easy to connect
  • Powered directly from micro:bit pins
  • Useful for teaching colour mixing.

Connect the RGB LED to the micro:bit as shown below. When attaching the alligator clips to the micro:bit, make sure that the clips are perpendicular to the board so that they are not touching any of the neighbouring connectors on the micro:bit edge connector.

RGB LED for micro:bit

JavaScript Blocks Editor

Traffic Signal Example

Click on the example below to open the code in the JavaScript Blocks Editor. Once its running on your micro:bit it will cycle through the colours of a traffic signal.

RGB LED for micro:bit



Paste the following code into the Python window and then Download the file and copy it onto your micro:bit


RGB LED for micro:bit