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RH-21B Solderless Breadboard

by K&H
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This small, compact, high-quality breadboard is great for prototyping and testing circuits. It has 3 colour coded screw terminals located at the top of the board for easy connection to a power supply. Each of these terminals can accept a 4mm banana plug, a Y-terminal or stripped wire. Also included is an easily attachable backplate that allows for components such as switches and dials to be mounted for even more customisability.

It has 1mm circular holes in standard DIP spacing arranged on 1 alphanumeric grids, each grid containing 64 columns and 10 rows the board has a total of 840 useable holes. All positions are clearly labelled and at both ends of the grid there are the two power rails, RED and BLACK that can be connected to the corresponding terminal connections at the top of the board. This makes powering any chips, circuits or other devices at the desired voltage extremely easy.

  • The board comes with a removable backplate that allows for the fitting of countless other components
  • No soldering is needed most parts plug and unplug into the board which means you can reuse all of the parts saving you time and money.
  • The interconnected round holes on the board make wiring easier. You can use standard jump wires or any wire AWG # 22-30 (0.3-0.8mm) thickness.
  • Dimensions: mm 191mm * 118mm * 18mm