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Ultra Bright 4 Watt RGBW NeoPixel LED - Natural White - ~4000K

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These chainable NeoPixel LEDs are not only super-smart, but they are also bright with 4W total, 1W per channel, compared to 0.2W of a 'standard' NeoPixel.

It comes with one fully assembled RGBW NeoPixel LED on an aluminium PCB/holder/heatsink, with JST 3 SM connectors at both ends! Note that the pinout and cable polarity do not necessarily match other NeoPixel strips, check the wire names/colour and direction before use.

Don't forget to set your NeoPixel driver for RGBW mode, which is not the default usually. The 4th channel is connected to the 4000K white LED element.

Please note:

  • Even though the PCB acts as a heatsink, 4W is a lot of power to dissipate as heat so you may need an additional heatsink or fan or other cooling mechanisms.
  • These are high-power LEDs, you need a strong 5V power supply that can provide at least 1/2 A per LED