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Ultra Thin Capacitive Force Sensor 8 mm 1N 0.2lbs

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The ultra-thin capacitive force sensor 8 mm 1N 0.2lbs by SingleTact delivers incredible performance. The single-element capacitive sensor accurately and reliably quantifies forces and produces superior sensitivity and repeatability over resistive force sensors. It has a repeatability error less than 1% of FSR, is very accurate and easy to use.

Only 0.35mm thick, these enable you to collect force and pressure measurements between two surfaces in contact through open source sample code for Arduino and Windows PC application or using a simple Analog 3-wire interface for immediate DAQ integration.

Note: Measuring capacitance can be challenging so we recommend that you use the capacitive force sensor electronics board to provide a convenient voltage output and a digital I2C interface.


  • Ultra-thin force sensor is only 0.35mm thick
  • Highly sensitive and repeatable sensors provide errors less than 1.0%
  • Simple Analog 3-wire interface for immediate DAQ integration
  • I2C interface and micro-controller code available for integration into a device
  • Arduino and DAQ Software to begin collecting data right out of the box
  • Custom designed solutions available for OEM applications


  • Update Rate: >300 Hz
  • Analog Out: 0.5-1 5V
  • Digital Interface: I2C (100kHz)
  • 10 Voltage: 3.3V
  • Supply Voltage: 3.7-12V
  • Input Current: 2.5mA running at 3MHz
  • Weight: Sensor 0.23g/ Electronics 1.6g
  • RoHS: Compliant
  • Operating Temperature: -40X - 85'C