XMega XMinilab Oscilloscope

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by Gabotronics
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The Xminilab is a mixed signal oscilloscope with an arbitrary waveform generator in a DIP module. It measures only 3.3 x 1.75 inches, and can be mounted directly on a breadboard. The Xminilab can also be used as a development board for the AVR XMEGA microcontroller.

  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: Simultaneous sampling of analog and digital signals.
  • Advanced Trigger: Normal / Single / Auto, with rising or falling edge and adjustable trigger level.
  • Meter Mode: Average, Peak to peak and Frequency readout.
  • XY Mode (Plot Lissajous patterns or see the phase difference between two waveforms).
  • Spectrum Analyzer with different windowing options and selectable vertical log.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Cursors with automatic waveform measurements.
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Sweep on all parameters.
  • Display options: Persistence, Different grid options, and more.
General Specifications:
  • Graphic OLED display 2.42", 128x64 pixels
  • Module size: 3.3" x 1.75"
  • PDI interface.
  • 4 tactile switches
  • USB connectivity: Windows, Android

Logic Analyzer specifications:

  • 8 Digital Inputs, 3.3V level.
  • Maximum sampling rate: 2MSPS
  • Frequency counter: 12Mhz
  • Protocol Sniffer: UART, I2C, SPI
  • Internal pull up or pull down.
  • Buffer size: 256

Oscilloscope specifications:

  • 2 Analog Inputs
  • Maximum Sampling rate: 2MSPS
  • Analog Bandwidth: 200kHz
  • Resolution: 8bits
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Buffer size per channel: 256
  • Input Voltage Range: -14V to +20V

AWG specifications:

  • 1 Analog Output
  • Maximum conversion rate: 1MSPS
  • Analog Bandwidth: 44.1kHz
  • Resolution: 8bits
  • Output current > +/- 7mA
  • Buffer size: 256
  • Output Voltage: +/- 2V

Optional Accessories (soldering required):
- PDI Programming Header: Only needed to do firmware development on the device.
- External Port Header: Only needed to hook up external devices, such as the Bluetooth RF Module.
- Jumper Wires: Useful for breadboard prototyping, 6" male to male.