Arduino Derivative Buying Guide - 2018

Arduino Derivative Buying Guide - 2018

Not only are we constantly adding the latest Arduino original boards but we're always on the lookout for the best new derivative boards. These are boards that are designed and built using the Arduino footprint and/or the Arduino bootloader, they can usually be programmed via the Arduino IDE like normal. Typically these boards offer functionality or performance that is not available in the genuine Arduino boards.

Itsy Bitsy

 Itsy Bitsy:

Small, powerful, Arduino-compatible - this microcontroller board is perfect when you want something very compact, but still with a bunch of pins. It's only 1.4" long by 0.7" wide, but has 6 power pins, 6 analog & digital pins and 17 digital pins. It packs much of the same capability as an Uno. So it's great for when you've finished up a prototype on a bigger Arduino, and want to make the project much smaller.

SparkFun RedBoard

SparkFun RedBoard:

The RedBoard combines the simplicity of the Uno's Optiboot bootloader, the stability of the FTDI and the shield compatibility of the latest Uno. It can be programmed over a USB Mini-B cable using the Arduino IDE. Don't worry a RedBoard has all of the hardware peripherals you know and love! Including: 14 Digital I/O pins with 6 PWM pins, 6 Analog Inputs, UART, SPI and external interrupts. 

Lightino Fidget Spinner

Lightino Fidget Spinner:

An electronically upgraded, super hackable, fidget spinner. Perfect for S.T.E.M. learning projects the Lightino uses a Pro Micro microcontroller with 8 RGB LEDs and an optical rotation sensor allowing you to program different display features and POV (persistence of vision) effects.

Feather HUZZAH32

HUZZAH32 - ESP32 Feather Board:

The ESP32-based Feather has everything you love about Feathers: built in USB-to-Serial converter, automatic bootloader reset, Lithium Ion/Polymer charger, and just about all of the GPIOs brought out so you can use it with any of the FeatherWings. The ESP32 has both WiFi and Bluetooth Classic/LE support. That means it's perfect for just about any wireless or Internet-connected project.


There really is an Arduino based board for just about everything! If you have any further questions about these items or anything else please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help you as much as possible.

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