LED Displays

Everyone want's to make their projects stand out, and there is no better way than a full LED display, bright and colourful this great range of vibrant miniature LEDs are a great addition to any project. 

Our own high quality Cool Components range of LED displays are amazing value for money and great for makers for all their projects as we have ensured that the majority of our range compatible with either the NeoPixel or DotStar libraries.

The NeoPixel rings, strips, sticks and boards are all chainable allowing for you to chain a long line of them together for an almost endless string of beautiful lights. Thanks to the NeoPixel libraries for Arduino and BBC micro:bit it's easy for beginners and experienced users to create stunning visual effects and lightshows!

Neopixel Ring - 24 X Ws2812 5050 Rgb Led With Integrated Drivers (Id: 1586) - Leds
Gameduino 3 - Led Displays

Gameduino 3

from £34.99 inc VAT
Neopixel Ring - 12 X Sk6812 5050 Rgb Led With Integrated Drivers (Id: 1643) - Leds
Digital Rgb Addressable Led Weatherproof Strip 144 Led - 1M - Leds
Fadecandy Neopixel Driver - Usb-Controlled Dithering (Id: 1689) - Other
Adafruit Rgb Matrix Bonnet For Raspberry Pi (Id: 3211) - Led Displays
7-Segment Serial Display - Red (Com-11441) - Led Displays

7-Segment Serial Display - Red (COM-11441)

£12.77 inc VAT
£10.64 ex VAT
Teensy 3.2 Octows2811 Adaptor - Accessories And Breakout Boards

Teensy 3.2 OctoWS2811 Adaptor

£11.99 inc VAT
£9.99 ex VAT
Hyperpixel 4.0 - Hi-Res Display For Raspberry Pi - Touch - Led Displays
64X64 Rgb Led Matrix - 2.5Mm Pitch - 1/32 Scan (Id: 3649) - Led Displays
Neopixel Neomatrix 8X8 - 64 Rgb Led Pixel Matrix (Id: 1487) - Leds
36Mm Square 12V Digital Rgb Addressable Led Pixels (Strand Of 20) - Ws2801 - Leds
Bi-Colour Led Square Pixel Matrix With I2C Backpack (Id: 902) - Led Displays
Sparkfun Large Digit Driver (Wig-13279) - Leds

SparkFun Large Digit Driver (WIG-13279)

£6.92 inc VAT
£5.77 ex VAT
Unicorn Hat Hd - Raspberry Pi Boards

Unicorn HAT HD

£33.76 inc VAT
£28.13 ex VAT
7-Segment Serial Display - Blue (Com-11442) - Led Displays

7-Segment Serial Display - Blue (COM-11442)

£12.77 inc VAT
£10.64 ex VAT
7 Segment Display - Red - Led Displays

7 Segment Display - Red

£0.89 inc VAT
£0.74 ex VAT
Neopixel Featherwing - 4X8 Rgb Led Add-On For All Feather Boards (Id: 2945) - Led Displays
Grove - Oled Display 1.12 V2 - Grove

Grove - OLED Display 1.12'' V2

£14.99 inc VAT
£12.49 ex VAT