Battery & Charger Accessories

Charge your batteries safely with a LiPo balance charger or add convenience to powering your projects with a coin cell, AA or AAA battery holder for, portable powering of your electronics devices.

Battery Holder With Switch Lid + Jst Connector For Bbc Micro:bit - Accessories
Battery Holder - 2X Aaa With 2 Pin Jst Connector For Bbc Micro:bit - Accessories
Adjustable 4-12V Step-Up/step-Down Voltage Regulator S18V20Alv - Active Components
Led Driver Power Supply - 40A - Other

LED Driver Power Supply - 40A

£23.99 inc VAT
£19.99 ex VAT
Battery Holder - 4Xaa Square - Accessories

Battery Holder - 4xAA Square

£1.76 inc VAT
£1.47 ex VAT
Lipo Fuel Gauge (Tol-10617) - Accessories

LiPo Fuel Gauge (TOL-10617)

£9.71 inc VAT
£8.09 ex VAT
Photon Battery Shield - Accessories

Photon Battery Shield

£11.77 inc VAT
£9.81 ex VAT
Usb Charger Doctor - In-Line Voltage And Current Meter - Accessories
Powerboost 1000 Basic - 5V Usb Boost @ 1000Ma From 1.8V+ (Id: 2030) - Chargers
Coin Cell Holder - 20Mm - Accessories Sold out

Coin Cell Holder - 20mm

£1.19 inc VAT
£0.99 ex VAT
Lipo Battery Monitor 1-8S With Alarm - Accessories

LiPo Battery Monitor 1-8s with Alarm

£4.49 inc VAT
£3.74 ex VAT
Coin Cell Holder - 12Mm - Accessories

Coin Cell Holder - 12mm

£0.71 inc VAT
£0.59 ex VAT
Bat (Battery) Detector V1.0 - Accessories

BAT (Battery) Detector v1.0

£4.00 inc VAT
£3.33 ex VAT
Battery Holder - 2 x AA with a 2 Pin JST Connector for BBC micro:bit - Accessories
Coin Cell Holder - 24.5Mm - Accessories

Coin Cell Holder - 24.5mm

£0.85 inc VAT
£0.71 ex VAT