All things robotic.If you're interested in building a robot and learning all about robotics, it's never been easier. We now stock great value easy-to-build complete robotics kits for beginners and experienced makers, and a good range of robotics components and parts, including motor controllers, servos and controllers.
Arduino Uno - R3 - Original Boards

Arduino Uno - R3

£19.98 inc VAT
£16.65 ex VAT
Vacuum Pump - 12V - Motors

Vacuum Pump - 12V

£14.30 inc VAT
£11.92 ex VAT
Vibration Motor - Motors

Vibration Motor

£4.25 inc VAT
£3.54 ex VAT
9 Degrees Of Freedom Imu Breakout - Mpu-9250 (Sen-13762) - Acceleration
Universal Aluminium Mounting Hub For 5Mm Shaft M3 Holes (2-Pack) - Motors
Muscle Wire - Shape Memory Nitinol (Com-11900) - Motors
Adafruit Motor Shield Kit For Arduino V2.3 (Id: 1438) - Shields
:move Mini Buggy Kit (Excluding Micro:bit) - Other

:MOVE mini buggy kit (excluding micro:bit)

£27.54 inc VAT
£22.95 ex VAT
Stepper Motor With Cable - Motors

Stepper Motor with Cable

£14.46 inc VAT
£12.05 ex VAT
Mearm Pocket Sized Robot Arm - Kits

MeArm Pocket Sized Robot Arm

£32.99 inc VAT
£27.49 ex VAT
Solenoid - 5V (Small) (Rob-11015) - Motors

Solenoid - 5v (small) (ROB-11015)

£4.97 inc VAT
£4.14 ex VAT
Pixy2 Camera - Cameras

Pixy2 Camera

£55.99 inc VAT
£46.66 ex VAT
Stamped Aluminum L-Bracket For Nema 17 Stepper Motors - Hardware
Clear Plastic Knob (Com-10597) - Hardware

Clear Plastic Knob (COM-10597)

£0.72 inc VAT
£0.60 ex VAT
Peristaltic Liquid Pump With Silicone Tubing (Id: 1150) - Motors
Hitec Servo Motor Hs-422 - Motors

Hitec Servo Motor HS-422

£11.50 inc VAT
£9.58 ex VAT
Motor Driver - Dual Tb6612Fng (With Headers) (Rob-13845) - Motion Controllers
16-Channel 12-Bit Pwm/servo Driver - I2C Interface - Pca9685 (Id: 815) - Motion Controllers
Edison V2.0 Stem Robot - Robot

Edison V2.0 STEM Robot

£39.98 inc VAT
£33.32 ex VAT
Drv2605L Haptic Motor Controller (Id: 2305) - Motion Controllers
16-Channel Pwm / Servo Hat For Raspberry Pi (Id: 2327) - Motion Controllers