You can find every tool you need for making your next electronics project. Soldering iron kits, replacement bits, lead free solder wire and solder paste are some of the essential products for soldering.

 Need to keep everything neat and tidy? View our select range of component and development board boxes.

 Our hand tool section features tools such as crimping pliers, wire cutters, tweezers and precision screwdrivers. Electronic tools in this category include spectrum analysers, LiPo battery monitors, oscilloscopes and multimeters.

Lead-Free Solder Wire - 4M - Soldering

Lead-free Solder Wire - 4m

£1.86 inc VAT
£1.55 ex VAT
Hackrf One - Other

HackRF One

£215.99 inc VAT
£179.99 ex VAT
Smd Component Testing Tweezers (Id: 1359) - Hand Tools

SMD Component Testing Tweezers (ID: 1359)

£27.49 inc VAT
£22.91 ex VAT
0.12Mm Conical Replacement Bit - 1107 - Soldering

0.12mm conical replacement bit - 1107

£4.19 inc VAT
£3.49 ex VAT
20-30 Awg Wire Strippers - Hand Tools

20-30 AWG Wire Strippers

£5.99 inc VAT
£4.99 ex VAT
Desoldering Pump - Soldering

Desoldering Pump

£2.40 inc VAT
£2.00 ex VAT
Heat Shrink Kit - Consumable

Heat Shrink Kit

£5.68 inc VAT
£4.73 ex VAT
5V 9A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V90F5 - Active Components

5V, 9A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V90F5

£22.36 inc VAT
£18.63 ex VAT
Box For Arduino - Original Boards

Box for Arduino

£8.39 inc VAT
£6.99 ex VAT
Helping Third Hand Magnifier W/magnifying Glass Tool - Mz101 (Id: 2471) - Tools
Solder Paste - 50G (Lead Free) - Soldering

Solder Paste - 50g (Lead Free)

£17.02 inc VAT
£14.18 ex VAT
Digital Multimeter (Tol-12966) - Electronic

Digital Multimeter (TOL-12966)

£12.77 inc VAT
£10.64 ex VAT
Wire Cutters - Mini Diagonal - Hand Tools

Wire Cutters - Mini Diagonal

£3.00 inc VAT
£2.50 ex VAT
Thermal Printer - Electronic

Thermal Printer

£49.63 inc VAT
£41.36 ex VAT
Polymorph Mouldable Plastic 250G - Consumable

Polymorph Mouldable Plastic 250g

£8.99 inc VAT
£7.49 ex VAT
Mini Wireless Usb Keyboard With Touchpad - Electronic

Mini Wireless USB Keyboard with Touchpad

£11.99 inc VAT
£9.99 ex VAT
Crimping Pliers - 28-20 Awg - Hand Tools

Crimping Pliers - 28-20 AWG

£28.37 inc VAT
£23.64 ex VAT
Wire Strippers - 30Awg (Tol-12630) - Hand Tools Sold out

Wire Strippers - 30AWG (TOL-12630)

£10.99 inc VAT
£9.16 ex VAT
Pi-Blox Lego® Compatible Case For Raspberry Pi + Pi Camera - Red - Boxes
Component Box 6B - Boxes

Component Box 6B

£2.39 inc VAT
£1.99 ex VAT
Antex Xs25 Soldering Iron 230V 25W - Soldering

Antex XS25 Soldering Iron 230V 25W

£28.99 inc VAT
£24.16 ex VAT
0.5Mm Conical Replacement Bit - Soldering

0.5mm conical replacement bit

£3.43 inc VAT
£2.86 ex VAT
Straight Tweezers - Esd Safe - Hand Tools

Straight Tweezers - ESD Safe

£2.99 inc VAT
£2.49 ex VAT
Bus Pirate V4 - Electronic

Bus Pirate v4

£40.52 inc VAT
£33.77 ex VAT