Wearables Fabric & Thread

 Fabric and thread for wearable technology creations.
3M Temperature and Pressure Pressure-Sensitive Velostat Conductive Sheet  By The Metre
SparkFun Fabric and Thread Smooth Conductive Thread Bobbin - 12m (Stainless Steel)
EeonTex Fabric and Thread EeonTex Conductive Stretchable Fabric

EeonTex Conductive Stretchable Fabric

£28.37 inc VAT
£23.64 ex VAT
Generic / OEM Wearable Conductive Hook & Loop Tape (Velcro) - 3" long
Generic / OEM Other Fibre Optic Fabric - Black (40x75 cm)

Fibre Optic Fabric - Black (40x75 cm)

£51.06 inc VAT
£42.55 ex VAT
SparkFun Consumable Conductive Thread - 60g (Stainless Steel)

Conductive Thread - 60g (Stainless Steel)

£48.22 inc VAT
£40.18 ex VAT