Get your head in a spin with this Lightino Fidget Spinner!

Get your head in a spin with this Lightino Fidget Spinner!

Fidget Spinners are the latest craze that's spread across the world and had both kids and even adults spinning for hours on end. What's even better than your ordinary standard fidget spinner? We'd say on that lights up while you spin it and what's even better than that? one that lets you program the lights and create some crazy visual effects on! Well the Lightino Fidget Spinner can do all of that and is a great way for beginners with minimal programming experience to get learning or even programming veterans to have some fun with.

How it works

The Lightino Fidget Spinner is the same shape as a normal fidget spinner but is electronically upgraded to have 8 RGB LEDs and an optical rotation sensor which are controlled by an Arduino Pro Micro attached on board. It's powered by a 70mAh LiPo battery which can be charged via USB with the cable included, it has an On/Off switch and a handy Reset button as well.

The fidget spinner connects to your PC via a USB A to USB Mini B cable and is programmed the same as any other Arduino device by using the Arduino IDE. Lightino provide the libraries and necessary code to get the device set up and spinning, they also provide some awesome libraries on their GitHub page to create some crazy visual effects while spinning the device.



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