The Top 5 Coolest Things Made Using a 3D Printer

The Top 5 Coolest Things Made Using a 3D Printer

3D printing has really taken off in recent years, with the machines becoming more affordable and accessible to consumers. 3D printers make 3 dimensional objects from digital files, which is achieved using an ‘additive process’. This means the object is created by laying down layer after layer of material until the object is created. As 3D printing continues to rise in popularity and makers push boundaries further we've put together a list of what can be done with a 3D printer to get you inspired!

1: Guitars

The first 3D printed guitar was created by Swedish Professor Olaf Diegel, and since then 3D printing and guitar aficionados alike have created some pretty crazy guitar bodies using 3D printing. The unique printing process allows for intricate designs to be created that can’t be achieved with such precision using other design methods.


2: Phone Cases

To some people their phone case represents who they are, the strength of 3D printing materials and the ease of 3D design has lead to a surge in people creating their own cases. This retro design doesn't just look great, it also adds functionality to your phone. Getting the feel of pressing an actual button is far more satisfying for some than just using the touch screen (especially when you’re battling away with your favourite Pokemon!). If you're looking to create your own we'd suggest checking Thingiverse to see if there's already a template available for your phone.

3: Film/Cosplay Costumes

As movies become more ambitious and film makers continue to push the boundaries of VFX and CGI the costumes and props the actors wear and use are also becoming more complicated and intricate. Recent films like the record breaking Marvel blockbuster Black Panther are using more 3D printing in their costume design and creation process than ever before. Most of the extremely detailed and highly visible Wakandan jewellery from the movie was all 3D modelled and printed.

4: A Castle?

Admittedly, this one is a little on the extravagant side but Andrey Rudenko from Minnesota has shown the sort of sensational feats that can be achieved using a 3D printing techniques. You might find this unbelievable and it seems so did many others with Rudenko himself saying “When I started out people struggled to believe this project would progress any further”. However, he’s certainly proved them wrong. You can find more information about the build and his ambitions to build a 3D printed house in his blog post.

5: Animal Prosthetics

Advances in 3D printing materials, technology and design have led to some truly amazing uses such as animal prosthetics. Whether it's a new beak for a bird, leg for a dog, webbed foot for a duck or even a new shell for a hermit crab 3D printing has changed the lives of many animals for the better.


Hopefully his list has left you feeling inspired. If you need any parts or want to get yourself a 3D printer check out our 3D Printing range! There’s so many possibilities to take advantage of when it comes to 3D printing, so get designing! We'd love to hear and share your 3D creations so please don't be shy.
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