Water Cutting with Wazer

Water Cutting with Wazer

Back in February we were super excited to finally receive our Wazer - a beautifully made, desktop water cutting machine.

Wazer started out as a Kickstarter project and we were immediately excited about it's potential, so took the plunge to order one in January 2019. However, being made in the US it was (understandably) built for use with US mains voltage first, and so it wasn't until a full 13 months later that we took delivery.

It was worth the wait.

The machine was quick and easy to put together, largely thanks to the excellent manual that comes with it. We set it up in our warehouse, next to a water source, and had it plumbed-in in no time.

Jamie RTFM!

Now we were ready for the test cut. A shiny rectangle of aluminium came ready-fixed to the cutting-bed, and the included SD card was pre-loaded with the drawing. 28 minutes later and we had a neat little Wazer-branded bottle opener! 

Unfortunately, that's as far as we got before COVID-19 forced us into lockdown and this wonderful piece of kit has been sat idle since it's first run.

However, that does give us a good opportunity to gather our thoughts for what Wazer is capable of producing. If you've got something in mind please do get in touch (sales@coolcomponents.co.uk) - we'd love to hear from you.

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