26th October 2022 Newsletter

Sensor packed displays, servo drivers, Raspberry Pis and more!

Welcome to this week's newsletter, we've got the Adafruit CLUE a sensor packed display board, a new Qwiic speaker amp, a servo driver board for the micro:bit and a restock of our Raspberry Pi kits. 


CLUE - nRF52840 Express with Bluetooth LE

Adafruit CLUE - nRF52840 Express with Bluetooth LE

£47.99 inc VAT

This board has been designed to fix the problem when you want lots of sensors and a screen within your project. To make it compatible with existing projects, they made it the same shape and size as the BBC micro:bit and with the same edge-connector on the bottom with 5 big pads so it will fit into your existing robot kit or 'bit add-on.


Qwiic Speaker Amp

The SparkFun Qwiic Speaker Amp includes the Texas Instruments TPA2016D2 stereo, filter-free class-D audio power amplifier. What distinguishes this audio amplifier from others is that it features volume control (i.e. gain), Dynamic Range Compression (DRC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), enable/disable amplifier, and its ability to be configured through software via I2C.

Qwiic Speaker Amp

£11.99 inc VAT


Compact 16 Servo Driver Board for BBC micro:bit

Compact 16 Servo Driver Board

£10.99 inc VAT

Take your robotics project to the next level with the Kitronik compact 16 servo driver board for the BBC micro:bit. This board allows up to 16 Remote Control (RC) servos to be driven simultaneously. It is based on the PCA9685 driver IC.

The board includes an integrated Edge Connector for the BBC micro:bit. Expansion Pads allow the connection of this board with another compatible micro:bit accessory boards using the “Link” pluggable pin header.


Raspberry Pi 4 Restock

Get started with the powerful Raspberry Pi 4 with this handy kit. It includes the Raspberry Pi board, a white USB-C power supply, micro-HDMI cable, a 32GB microSD card, and our new Raspberry Pi 4 Protective Case. This kit has all the accessories you'll need to get up and running making it a great gift or ideal for someone who's looking to upgrade their Raspberry Pi setup.

£64.49 inc VAT

£76.49 inc VAT

£86.99 inc VAT

£109.99 inc VAT

IQaudio DigiAMP+

£29.39 inc VAT

Amplified Speaker Kit

£16.49 inc VAT

HyperPixel 4.0

£58.79 inc VAT


Micro:Bit Says V2 (Joystick Edition)

The Joystick:Bit V2 is a fantastic gameboard that provides your micro:bit with 4 programmable buttons, a joystick, rumble features, a buzzer, and power-saving options. Create your own handheld games, remotely control Cutebot, create music, and more!


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