A supercar made from Lego?

Lego can be both amazing and a real pain (in the foot) but sometimes people use it to make designs the normal person wouldn't even consider. Lego themselves recently built a life-sized, 1:1 scaled model of the Bugatti Chiron supercar. The model took over 13,000 hours to develop and build, it's made from a million pieces of Lego and there's not a drop of glue anywhere. Not only does the Lego car look identical the real thing it even drives! Powered by two batteries the car can reach up to 12mph but don't worry there's also a working brake to make sure it can stop safely because picking up a million Lego pieces doesn't sound like fun to us. In addition to actually moving, the model car also has working front and back lights, a functional spoiler and a working speedometer made from entirely Lego parts.

You can see how the car came to life here.

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