Swimming Goggles with a Smart Display

Swimming Goggles with a Smart Display

Form is a company that is focused on bringing new and innovative ways to introduce smart technology into both swim training and competitive swimming, it was founded by Dan Eisenhardt and has since grown with a team of specialists in sportswear design, augmented reality and activity tracking.

These goggles use a see-through smart display built right into the goggles lens, delivering metrics without obstructing your vision, which can be adjusted to either the left or right eye, depending on the users preference and allows them to keep track of: split time, interval time, rest time, total time, stroke rate, stroke count, distance per stroke, pace per 100, pace per 50, distance, length count and calories burned.

The built-in Bluetooth can then transfer all the data from a swim over to the app for the swimmer to monitor their progress.


With wearable technology becoming more standard, it's no wonder that we are starting to see more and more wearables being developed to help people train. While coming in at just under $200 these goggles might seem pretty expensive for someone to use on your weekend swim, but we believe they are worth the cost if you are an avid swimmer.

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