The Robot Used to Extinguish the Fire at Notre Dame

The fire that took place a Notre Dame was a tragedy but the damaged caused by the fire could have been much worse if it wasn't for the efforts of hundreds of firefighters which included Colossus the remote-controlled robot.

The robot was designed by Shark Robotics in 2017 to prevent danger to human firefighters and victims, it can perform tasks that a human would find hard or simply be unable to do such as transporting heavy equipment and controlling higher pressure hoses. The machine is remotely operated by a specially trained firefighter and can be controlled up to 300m away, it even has a phone/tablet app.

It has a number of different sensors and features which help aid the team of firefighters, these include an advanced thermometer and hazardous material sensor. This gives the team as much information as possible about the type of fire and any potentially harmful chemicals or elements that are present in the fire. It also has a number of different cameras mounted on board all of which have night vision capabilities and can last up to 12 hours of use without being recharged.

You can read more about the amazing robot and its involvement in tackling the fire here.

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