The Robotic Assistant for Traffic Cops

Traffic crime is a huge issue in the USA and every year there are a huge number of assaults during routine traffic stops. One company is creating a robotic assistant to try and help reduce the number of physical incidents and increase the safety of both the officer and the member of the public. It's a remote interface on a sliding rail that allows the officer to communicate with the stopped driver. The unit features a camera, microphone, barcode scanner, printer, touchscreen and a screen that displays the officer. It also has a deployable spike strip to disable the car in the event that the driver decides to try and make an escape. The video gives a great overview of how the system would work, the officer stays in the safety of their patrol car and the member of the public shows the relevant documents to the camera which the officer checks and then take any action required including printing any tickets. It's not quite Robocop but it's still only a prototype, the future designs aim to house the system in the car and extend it out when needed.

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