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AdaBox 007 - SPY (ID: 3778)

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AdaBox007 – SPY is the perfect gift for folks who are just getting started in the world of DIY electronics. It's an excellent addition to our family of DIY projects, plus it's a solderless pack.

With previous AdaBoxes you've built robots and radios, learned CircuitPython, and played retro games. Now you're ready to learn about the dark arts of electronics - this AdaBox is Super Sneaky with a Secret Spy + Security theme. Everything in this box will teach you stuff they don't want you to know!

We wanted to bring you the full experience of being a super hacker spy, but without having to hang upside-down from a helicopter, or break into MegaCorp's skyscraper headquarters at 2AM. You'll use your brains and hands to solve puzzles, send secret messages, bypass locks, and listen in on the radio waves around you. Then you'll build some electronic projects that will teach you about security while having fun. You'll learn how real hackers and security experts work, and at the same time how to protect yourself from spying eyes.

Please note:

  • This is NOT the subscription version of AdaBox! This is ONLY AdaBox007


  • Large Padlock & 9 Piece Lockpick Kit
  • Software Defined Radio USB Receiver with Antenna
  • Adafruit GEMMA M0
  • USB Cable - 6" A/MicroB
  • AAA Battery Holder with On/Off Switch
  • AAA Batteries
  • Fast Vibration Sensor Switch
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Panel Mount 10K Potentiometer + Knob
  • Invisible Ink Pen (for use with UVA LED)
  • 5mm Purple UVA LED
  • IR (Infrared) Receiver Sensor
  • 5mm Super-bright IR LED
  • 0.1mm Magnet Wire