Opto & Displays

Our optoelectronics category features LCD, LED and OLED displays for your electronic projects. We have various camera types compatible with the Raspberry Pi and powerful miniature infrared cameras for thermal imaging. 

We stock a wide range of LEDs from individual assorted colour LEDs to addressable (APA102, WS2812B) LED strips. Included in this section are popular LED Neopixel rings and matrices, Lilypad micro LEDs. Backlight LED modules, ultraviolet and super bright white LEDs.

Tfp401 Hdmi/dvi Decoder To 40-Pin Ttl Breakout - With Touch (Id: 2219) - Lcd Displays
Led Driver Breakout - Lp55231 (Bob-13884) - Leds

LED Driver Breakout - LP55231 (BOB-13884)

£7.94 inc VAT
£6.62 ex VAT
Led Tactile Button Breakout - Leds

LED Tactile Button Breakout

£1.54 inc VAT
£1.28 ex VAT