If you are looking to build a circuit to verify that it works you will need to make a prototype. It is an easy way to test your design and great for debugging your projects.

Find products that help you make prototypes of electronic circuits including many types of connector like cables, wires, headers, pins and sockets. A wide selection of breadboards and tools for PCB fabrication amongst other products associated with prototyping.

Ftdi Basic Breakout - 5V (Dev-09716) - Prototyping

FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V (DEV-09716)

£14.94 inc VAT
£12.45 ex VAT
Rotary Encoder Breakout - Illuminated (Rg/rgb) (Bob-11722) - Breakout Boards
I2C Non-Volatile Fram Breakout - 256Kbit / 32Kbyte (Id: 1895) - Active Components
Analog/digital Mux Breakout (Bob-09056) - Active Components

Analog/Digital MUX Breakout (BOB-09056)

£4.92 inc VAT
£4.10 ex VAT
Inventors Kit For Bbc Micro:bit With 10 Experiments - Kits
Microsd Breakout (Id: 254) - Breakout Boards

MicroSD Breakout (ID: 254)

£7.99 inc VAT
£6.66 ex VAT
Breakout Board For Sd-Mmc Cards (Bob-12941) - Breakout Boards
Omega2 Proto Expansion

Omega2 Proto Expansion

£5.99 inc VAT
£4.99 ex VAT
Spi Non-Volatile Fram Breakout - 64Kbit / 8Kbyte (Id: 1897) - Breakout Boards
Beaglebone Black Proto Cape (Dev-12774) - Breakout Boards

BeagleBone Black Proto Cape (DEV-12774)

£8.51 inc VAT
£7.09 ex VAT
Led Tactile Button Breakout - Leds

LED Tactile Button Breakout

£1.54 inc VAT
£1.28 ex VAT
Energy Harvester - Ltc3588 Breakout (Bob-09946) - Breakout Boards
Usb Avr Programmer - Prototyping

USB AVR Programmer

£17.10 inc VAT
£14.25 ex VAT
Spectacle Light Board (Dev-14052) - Other

Spectacle Light Board (DEV-14052)

£16.31 inc VAT
£13.59 ex VAT
Spectacle Director Board (Dev-13912) - Other

Spectacle Director Board (DEV-13912)

£27.22 inc VAT
£22.68 ex VAT
Spectacle Button Board (Dev-14044) - Other

Spectacle Button Board (DEV-14044)

£16.31 inc VAT
£13.59 ex VAT
Spectacle Audio Board (Dev-14034) - Other

Spectacle Audio Board (DEV-14034)

£16.31 inc VAT
£13.59 ex VAT