STEM Maker Uno

The Maker UNO is an Arduino based development board with a range of additions that make it the perfect board for education and learning to code.

One of the hardest parts about teaching electronics is that most students don't have a basic understanding or little experience with circuitry. This means they'll spend a substantial amount of time just connecting wires and trying to troubleshoot why it's not working. 

With the Maker UNO, you can spend less time worrying about wiring and more time coding, this board has 12 built-in LEDs, a Piezo Buzzer, a programmable button which will allow students to get them lighting up and playing music in next to no time!



Maker UNO - Derivative Boards

Maker UNO

£8.99 inc VAT
£7.49 ex VAT
Inventors Kit for Arduino - Kits

Inventors Kit for Arduino

£24.95 inc VAT
£20.79 ex VAT
Maker UNO - Educational Kit - Derivative Boards

Maker UNO - Educational Kit

£16.00 inc VAT
£13.33 ex VAT
Maker UNO Plus - Derivative Boards

Maker UNO Plus

£16.00 inc VAT
£13.33 ex VAT