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ESP32 PSRAM Timer Camera Fisheye (OV3660)

by M5Stack
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The Timer Camera F is a fisheye camera module based on ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 with 8M PSRAM and 4M Flash on board. 3.0-megapixel camera (OV3660) with DFOV 120° and a maximum resolution of 2048x1536 photos can be captured.

The camera features an ultra-low-power design, and the internal integrated RTC (BM8563) draws out the IRQ signal, which can be used for sleep and timer wake-up (sleep current down to 2μA). The built-in 270mAh battery provides more than one month of battery life with timed pictures (one per hour) enabled. The module supports WiFi image transfer and USB port debugging, and the HY2.0-4P output on the bottom can be used to expand other peripherals. The onboard LED status indicator and reset button facilitate program development and debugging. In terms of application, M5Stack provides a number of simple and efficient application development methods and interfaces for the TimerCAM series, making it easy for users to use and develop their applications. (including PC/Mobile photo shooting APP, cloud image HTTP interface for timer shooting, cloud AI recognition interface

Please Note:

  • The low-power power management solution adopted by the Timer Camera series is different from the CORE and StickC devices.
  • When in use, the PWR button is used as a power-on button(long press 2s).
  • If you need to shut down the device, you need to use the software API or press the Reset button on the PCB.
  • Design based on esp32
  • WiFi image transmission
  • Timed sleep wake up
  • Status indicator
  • Ultra-low power design
  • Built-in 270mAh battery
  • Programming platform: ESP-IDF/Arduino/UIFlow


  • PSRAM: 8MB
  • Flash Memory: 4MB
  • Battery: 270mAh
  • Image Sensor: OV3660
  • Maximum Resolution: 300w pixels
  • Output Format: 8-/10-Bit RAW, RGB and YCbCr output, compression.
  • Maximum Image Transmission Rate (OV3660): 2048x1536: 15fps / 1080p: 20fps / 720p: 45fps / XGA(1024x768) : 45fps / VGA(640x480) : 60fps / QVGA(320x240) : 120fps
  • DFOV: 120°
  • Weight: 21g
  • Dimensions: 48*24*22.6mm