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Introducing Robotics with Lego Mindstorms

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The introducing robotics with Lego® Mindstorms shows the reader how to build a variety of increasingly sophisticated computer-controlled robots using the brilliant Lego Mindstorms Robotic Invention System (RIS).

The book initially covers the fundamental building techniques and mechanics needed to construct strong and efficient robots using the various 'click-together' components supplied in the basic RIS kit.

It explains to the reader, with little or no programming experience, how robot control programs may be simply constructed on their PC screens, using what may be regarded as software building bricks that are supplied with the RIS kit. These programs can then be zapped over an infrared link to the brain of the robot. This brain, called the RCX brick, contains a programmable microcontroller that is also capable of acting on information from the robot's various sensors.

The more adventurous reader is also shown how to write robot control programs using a conventional Windows programming language such as VisualBasic in conjunction with the ActiveX control (called Spirit.OCX) that is also supplied with the RIS kit.

Detailed building instructions are provided for all the robots featured in this book including numerous step-by-step photographs and also sample programs are shown and explained.

It is hoped that this book, together with the Lego Mindstorms RIS kit will give the reader many hours of entertainment and pleasure, as well as help in the understanding of basic mechanical engineering skills, robotic principles and the practical applications of a PC loaded with suitable software.

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