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TFmini-i LiDAR - Distance Sensor (12m) with CAN Interface

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TFmini-i LiDAR is an industrial-grade medium-range distance sensor. Its maximum detection range can reach up to 40m and it has an adjustable frame rate with a maximum of 1KHz. It has a PC/ABS/PMMA enclosure with IP65 water and dust resistance. It supports a wide range of input voltages (7-30V) with reverse protection to protect the internal circuit. Multiple built-in operating modes are included for the users to change their parameters and configurations to meet different applications.

How Does it Work?

TFmini-i is a single point LiDAR, which is based on Pulse Time of Flight (PTOF). It adopts an incoherent energy receiving mode, and the detection is mainly based on Pulse counting. TFmini-i emits a narrow pulse laser, which is collimated by the transmitting lens to form a collimated light, which enters the receiving system after being reflected by the measured target and is focused on the APD detector by the receiving lens. The time between the transmitted signal and the received signal is calculated through the circuit amplification and filtering, and the distance between TFmini-i and the measured target can be calculated through the speed of light.

  • Short-range detection (up to 12m)
  • Adjustable frame rate with a maximum of 1KHz
  • Multiple configurable baud rates
  • Communication using CAN interface
  • Wide range of input voltages (7-30V) with reverse protection
  • PC/ABS/PMMA enclosure with IP65 water and dust resistance for industrial applications
  • Product Performance
    • Operating Range
      • 0.1-12m@90% reflectivity
      • 0.1-7m@10% reflectivity
      • 0.1-12m@90% reflectivity (70Klux)
      • 0.1-7m@10% reflectivity (70Klux)
    • Accuracy
      • ±6cm (0.1~6m), 1% (6m-12m)
    • Distance resolution
      • 1cm
    • Frame rate
      • 1Hz~1000Hz adjustable (default 100Hz)
    • Ambient light immunity
      • 70Klux
    • Operating temperature
      • -20~60℃
  • Optical Parameters
    • Light source
      • VCSEL
    • Central wavelength
      • 850nm
    • Photobiological safety
      • Class1 (EN60825)
    • FOV (Field of view)
  • Electrical Parameters
    • Supply voltage
      • 7~30V
    • Average current
      • ≤65mA@12V
    • Power consumption
      • ≤0.8W@12V
    • Peak current
      • 100mA@12V
    • Communication interface level
      • LVTTL(3.3V)
    • Communication interface
      • CAN
  • Others
    • Enclosure rating
      • IP65
    • Enclosure material
      • PC/ABS/PMMA
    • Dimensions
      • 50mm*34mm*41mm(L*W*H)
    • Storage temperature
      • -30℃~75℃
    • Weight
      • 52g
    • Cable length
      • 70cm