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uArm Swift Pen Holder with Stylus

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The pen holder comes with a stylus and a holder for industrial screen testing and robot artists enabling you to complete daily tasks more efficiently

Robot arms are taking the industrial revolution to the next level. Not only can you use a robot arm in any industry to quicken the process, but you can use it as an additional arm to do a repetitive task with the same accuracy for unlimited times and save yourself to other creative workflows. You can use it for multiple scenarios, such as screen testing, typing, constant speed drawing, etc.

From industrial testing to creative drawing, this spring tension pen holder kit is a multi-tasking tool. The 12mm clamp hole allows you to fit kinds of pens or brushes removing the hassle of switching between holders. You can even replicate handmade drawings easily making it a cooler experience.

With the spring tension feature on the pen holder, you can double tap and click away on uneven surfaces without the fear of breaking the pen on hard surfaces or ruining the writing/painting surface. Due to this system, the pen holder creates a buffer against the uArm from damage

uArm Swift Pen Holder with Stylus