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Applications For the Things on Edge IOT Cricket

Applications For the Things on Edge IOT Cricket

The IOT Cricket from Things on Edge makes it easier than ever to creat end nodes and connect them to the wider internet of Things. The tiny board features an ultra-low power mode meaning it can be powered by a single battery for up to a year, support for MQTT and HTTP POST/GET, and works with all standard routers.

They're all great features but what could you actually use the Cricket for? Well we're going to cover a few use cases which will hopefully show you some of the possibilities that this clever little board unlocks in the world of IoT.


Create a WiFi Button:

Image credit: Sylwester Bala - Things on Edge

You could use the IOT Cricket to create a WiFi connected button to control something like your smart lights. With only a few other additional components a smart button can be built and programmed, the system also doesn't require the high level skills of a seasoned programmer. 


IoT Doorbell:

Smart doorbells have gained huge popularity over the past few years so why not use the IOT Cricket to create your own. Using the board and a few other components you can convert an existing doorbell into a smart doorbell capable of calling your phone. Things on Edge have a full guide on modifying a doorbell and creating the IFTTT setup.

 Image credit: Sylwester Bala - Things on Edge


Remote Sensor Reporting:

The IOT Cricket makes it extremely easy to set up and create remote sensor units that ping measurement readings to your phone. With the very low power consumption of the IOT Cricket these sensor units can last years without the need to change the batteries. 

Image credit: Sylwester Bala - Things on Edge


Connect to other hardware devices:

The IOT Cricket really shines when connected and used in partnership with other hardware devices. Things on Edge provide guides on using the board with the BBC micro:bit and the Rapsberry Pi Pico. The guides walk you through creating a simple setup with the IOT Cricket which sends notifications to your mobile phone.



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