Best Raspberry Pi 4 Cases

Best Raspberry Pi 4 Cases

We all love the Raspberry Pi and there are hundreds of cases out there and it can get a bit confusing about which one is right for you. From the most stylish to the most practical, we have created a list of our top 5 Raspberry Pi cases.

1) Argon ONE Premium Raspberry Pi 4 Case

The Argon ONE case is a popular choice with both our customers and ourselves. It is made with a plastic base and an aluminium alloy upper shell that is polished with a modern Space Grey finish for a stunning sleek and stylish look while offering amazing cooling capabilities. The top acts as a passive cooling aid for the Raspberry Pi, while a software controllable fan is included inside the case for better temperature management.

2) Argon NEO Premium Raspberry Pi 4 Case

The Argon NEO is designed specifically for the needs and functionality of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. The case is made with an aluminium alloy and acts as a passive cooler for the high demands of the Raspberry Pi 4. A sliding magnetic top allows for easy access to the all the ports and GPIOs when needed, or protecting them when not in use.

3) Aluminium Case with 2510 Dual Fans

If you are looking for strong and study protection for even the most harshest of environments, this case is definitely up for the job. This case has brilliant cooling with dual fans and heatsinks. The rigid aluminium body and acrylic side plates offer incredible protection for your Raspberry Pi while not compromising the wireless signal strength or access to the I/O ports and slots.

4) Official Case for Raspberry Pi 4

Available in both Red/White and Black/Grey mixes the official case for the Raspberry Pi 4! Designed to keep your Pi safe and secure with high-quality ABS construction and cut-outs for all connections.

5) ABS Case for Raspberry Pi 4

Available in White, Black and Transparent options, if you're looking for great value and something a bit different this is the case for you. Made of ABS material and comes with both a fan and heatsink with ventilation openings on the top and bottom of the case to help improve cooling further. Along with this, the case supports GPIO PINs of the Raspberry Pi 4B to connect external devices like a Raspberry Pi Hat outside the case by cables and access to all ports.

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