Cool Components Purchase Order Guide

At Cool Components, we proudly offer all educational establishments and companies that order from us on a regular basis the option to open a credit account with us. Enabling your school, college, university or company the ability to place orders via purchase order and use up to 30 days credit. Once the account is created you'll be able to place orders hassle free through our website using the purchase order checkout option, or by emailing your official PO documents to our dedicated staff.

In this article we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create purchase orders with us via our website.

Setting up a PO account     Creating a PO under £100     Creating a PO over £100     Further Information

Setting up a PO account

If you don’t currently have a PO account with us and would like to set one up, please email us at  and our staff will send you all the information required to set up a PO account with us.

Please note: For all new PO accounts for your first order, we will require payment in full before we are able to dispatch it. 

Creating a PO under £100

Step 1)

Using our store pages add all of the items that you wish to order to your shopping cart.

Step 2)

Once you have finished shopping click on the shopping cart button at the top right of the blue bar as seen below.


In your cart you will be able to make any amendments to quantities of items, remove any items before you check out and you will also see all discounts applied by any bulk orders you have placed. Once you are happy with your order click on the checkout button.


Step 3)

On this screen, fill out all of the shipping information as seen below and then press the button ‘Continue to shipping method’.



Step 4)

Select your shipping method and press the ‘Continue to Payment method’ button.

Step 5)

On the payment method screen you will see the option to select ‘Purchase Order’ as one of your options, select this and you will get a message reminding you that this option is only available for customers with an account with us.


 On most monitors you will now need to scroll down the page to find the options for billing address, by default it is set to use the same information as shipping address however, if you wish to use a different billing address click the option as seen below and fill out the form that will appear.


Once you have filled out all the information, click Complete Order.

Step 6)

Your order is now complete, however, before we can process it you will need to email your PO to where our sales team will be able to process the order for you.

Creating a PO over £100.

If your PO is over £100, we welcome you to use the website to place your order using the same steps as in the guide above, however if you wish you can email all your PO documents to our staff at who will be happy to process the order for you.

Further Information.

For more information on setting up and account or if you have any questions feel free to contact us here, or by emailing and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


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