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Can we help Russ?

Can we help Russ?

4 years ago, Russ, a good friend of one of the team here at Cool Components had a terrible accident leaving him wheelchair bound.
But he's quite a determined and fit chap, and he's made good progress - with all the trials and hurdles life brings along the way.
He's also really fortunate to have been able to purchase an iBot - a really cool wheelchair invented by the guys behind the Segway. It provides mobility but very importantly the ability to be able to talk to people face to face, something Russ says has changed his life.
It's this we need some help with.
He has managed to damage the charger plug pins, and they are not made anymore. They are sealed units and he can't find any, here or in the US, or someone to repair it, or even a company to make him a replacement.
If any of our lovely customers are able to help him, please do get in touch direct with Russ via email or let us know and we'll pass on the message.
There's more information and details on his blog.
Here's Russ using his iBot.
Here's a post regarding his charger.
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