Our 5 Favourite Halloween Themed Projects!

Our 5 Favourite Halloween Themed Projects!

In the spirit of Halloween we thought we'd share some of our favourite spooky projects with you! This list has everything from a screaming painting to a pumpkin drumkit. 

1) This Scary Pumpkin Candy Machine guide shows you how to create a motioned detecting pumpkin that lights up, plays music and spits out sweets! It's quick and easy to build/code and makes great use of the Grove platform.


2) The Scream: Interactive Screaming Painting takes a famous painting by Edvard Munch and makes it even creepier. This painting uses the Circuit Playground Express to control the speaker and servo which really bring the painting to life.



3) Create a Light-Up Fur Vest or add LEDs to your costume. This walks you through adding Sewable LED Ribbons to your costume and how to power them.


4) You could create your own Makey Makey Pumpkin Drumkit, these makers created a functioning drumkit using a Makey Makey board, some pumpkins and a few octave shifters. 


5) This last guide shows the creation of a Monster in a Box, it creates the illusion that there is something trapped in the box on the verge of escaping. At the core of the project is an Arduino board which controls/activates the smoke, sound and lights that add to the terror of this box.

If any of you have created anything spooky for Halloween we'd love to see them so please get in contact with us! 

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