Our Top Items this Summer!

Our Top Items this Summer!

With the summer season underway, we are all looking for an excuse to get out and enjoy the sun. We have put together an amazing list for makers who want to keep tinkering with amazing gadgets and kits while enjoying the outdoors!


You can take to the skies with one of our fantastic DIY drone kits! Each of these kits are super easy and fun to build either by yourself or with others. Programming and controlling each of these drones is also just as simple and easy with their respective apps, you'll be taking off in no time!

Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit

Build and fly your own drone with this fantastic kit by Circuit Scribe! Using the special conductive kit, draw the circuits to power the done’s hub, motors and onboard camera.

Connect your Android or iOS device to the drone using their free controller app and take to the skies!


Crazyflie 2.1


With its improved flight performance and durability, this open source flying development platform weighs only 27g and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Control it via the app on your Android or iOS device, or connect it to your PC/Mac using the Crazyradio PA to fly it using a game controller.

Airblock Modular Programmable Flying Robot Drone

This easy to assemble modular platform can quickly be transformed into multiple forms including a drone and hovercraft!

Use the app to take full control of the drone manually, or test yourself by creating something fancy with the use of graphical block programming!




If you're an avid gamer, we have you covered! Game anywhere with these awesome open source handheld consoles! Create and play your own games this summer or download many of the freely available games online from their online libraries. You never know, you could create this summers next big hit!



This miniature open source game system comes pre-loaded with 8 classic games, and over 100+ more freely available to download!

Games for the Arduboy are made by users! Learn to code to create and publish games alongside a friendly and active community of developers online. Every game published on Arduboy Arcade is free, open source and available to be edited.

Kittenbot Meowbit

Meowbit is a card-sized graphical retro game computer that allows you to code using the graphical Makecode Arcade editor or Python. It aims to combine the fun of gaming and learning to code!

Create fun and exciting games to take with you, and challenge your friends through Meowbits multiplayer capability!


DIY Classic Games

If you're looking to relive some old classics, they have been remade with these amazing soldering kits that are great for people who are new or experienced with soldering!

Make your own portable Dice to take with you to a board gaming session.

Make Simon Says or Simon Tilts and see how many instructions you can remember

Lastly, why not try learning or improving your knowledge in the binary number system with the Binary Blaster Kit?

Electronic_Dice_Soldering_Kit Simon_Says_Game_Beginners_Soldering_Kit
Simon_Tilts_Game_Soldering_Kit Binary_Blaster_STEM_Beginners_Soldering_Kit


Do something different this summer by adding a makers touch to your summer wardrobe with some amazing e-Textiles projects! Help your brain relax with mediation through the Brain Machine Kit or use a LilyPad or BBC micro:bit to make your own accessories.

Trinket Powered Neopixel Goggle Kit

Add something new and interesting to your summer look or next convention outfit with these programmable NeoPixel Goggles.

While these easy to assemble goggles might require a bit of soldering, it is designed for beginners and is incredibly easy with the step-by-step guide.


The Brain Machine Kit


Help your brain relax and rejuvenate while you’re catching some sun with the Brain Machine Kit. Enjoy a wonderful 14-minute-long meditative state as you hallucinate beautiful colours and patterns from your subconscious.

The Brain Machine works with blinking lights. Be aware that blinking lights are not good for some people, especially those prone to seizures!

Micro:bit Watch Kit

Create your own smartwatch with this great smart coding kit! We have two options available, the first option is a complete kit and the second option is without a micro:bit is also available here.

With the micro:bit and free MakeCode software, you can program your micro:bit to be a watch, pedometer, compass and many more.


E-Textiles Kit for the BBC micro:bit


This kit is perfect for getting started with turning your micro:bit into a fashion accessory. It comes fully loaded with LEDs, conductive thread and crocodile clips.

LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit

Create your own fashion accessories this summer with this amazing sewable electronics kit!

This kit has everything you need to learn how to sew basic circuits and give you the skills to create something bigger!




If you are still looking for more ideas and things to do, we have a lot of other great items and ideas that will help you make the most of this summer!

TV-B-Gone Kit v1.2


Tired of the kids being indoors watching TV? Want a break from advertisements while you're trying to eat?

The TV-B-Gone kit is what you need! This ultra-high-power, open source kit version of the popular TV-B-Gone is fun to make and even more, fun to use. This version can be used in both "North American/Asia" as well as "Europe/UK" areas (basically, the whole world)!

Solar Panels

Take your projects outside with our range of affordable solar panels!




Create your own weather station with the weather:bit board for the BBC micro:bit.

With the weather:bit you will have access to barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature readings. There are also connections on this carrier board to optional sensors such as wind speed, direction, rain gauge and soil readings! The micro:bit has a lot of features and a lot of potential for weather data collection.

Grove Plant Kit

This kit is ideal for any maker with green thumbs! Plants need nutritious soil, the right temperature, adequate sunshine and water for healthy growth.

This kit takes all the effort out of caring for your indoor plants with an automated system for monitoring and supplying the plant with everything it needs

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