Surprise New Helpers at Cool Components!

Surprise New Helpers at Cool Components!

The last few weeks we've been honoured with a visit from some very special characters. Cool Components customer and popular YouTuber James Bruton has lent us some of his amazing creations to look after and help us out, he has also allowed us to showcase them all to you.

Our first new helper is R2-D2, when he's not busying helping pick and pack orders he greets our staff and ensures that everyone sanitises their hands as they're coming or going from the building.

James Brutons R2-D2 Robot

R2-D2 is accompanied by fellow droids BB-8 and BB-9E which have been helping our sales and testing teams answer all your questions (when they're not rolling around causing mischief with each other that is!)

James Brutons BB Droids

Lastly Bumblebee has been showing off his Cool Components spirit by sporting one of our Cool Components T-Shirts while working away in our maker space.

Bumblebee Workspace Image One Bumblebee Cool Components TShirt

Once again we would like to thanks James for lending these to us. If you would like to see more, we recommend you check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel where he designs and makes all sorts of fun and interesting robotics.

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