Great Project Ideas to Enjoy During the Summer

With the Great British Summer well underway, we all know how unpredictable it can be.

Make Your Projects Portable.

Whether you are perfecting your current project or have some great new ideas in the works, why not add some portability to your projects with our fantastic range of solar panels to help take your projects off the grid! 

1W 80x100

£4.79 inc VAT

2W 80x180

£10.00 inc VAT

3W 138X160

£13.62 inc VAT

If you're lucky enough to own a PiJuice HAT then these solar panels are a great addition to charge and/or power your PiJuice HAT and Raspberry Pi for free!


PiJuice Solar Panel - 6 Watt

£42.00 inc VAT

PiJuice Solar Panel - 12 Watt

£69.90 inc VAT

PiJuice Solar Panel - 22 Watt

£93.00 inc VAT

PiJuice Solar Panel - 40 Watt

£139.50 inc VAT


Weather Meters and Plant Care

 We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be during the Summer, so why not create some of these great new projects to monitor the weather and help keep your gardens healthy during the season.


Weather Meter Kit

£64.00 inc VAT


Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino

£63.82 inc VAT

And Lastly a bit of Fashion

Add some new and exciting flare to your summer wardrobe by giving your outfit something a little different. Make them shine with some LEDs, create cool changing patterns for an ever changing look or create that perfect accessory.

GEMMA V2- Miniature Wearable Electronic Platform

£9.92 inc VAT

watchX - Arduino and Scratch Compatible Wearable Development Board

£85.99 inc VAT

£120.54 inc VAT
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