These curated Adafruit products are well presented projects all contained within each box. From building your own robot to making your own music player, these kits are great for beginners and advanced electronic makers alike! Each of these boxes are collectable and would be the perfect gift for any electronics enthusiast. 


Adafruit Kits AdaBox 007 - SPY (ID: 3778)

AdaBox 007 - SPY (ID: 3778)

£85.99 inc VAT
£71.66 ex VAT
Adafruit Kits AdaBox002 - Making Things Move (Feather Bluetooth LE Mini Robot)
Adafruit Kits AdaBox001 - Welcome to the Feather Ecosystem Sold out
Adafruit Kits AdaBox003 - The World of IoT - Curated by Digikey
Adafruit Kits AdaBox004 - Making Things Dance

AdaBox004 - Making Things Dance (ID: 3370)

£79.99 inc VAT
£66.66 ex VAT