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LED Shield - Compatible with Arduino Uno

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This shield is designed to make using NeoPixel and DotStar LED strips and rings as easy as possible with controllers that use the Arduino Uno pinout. The screw terminal connectors mean you don't need to fuss with connectors, simply strip the wires and screw them into place. The shield features two programmable buttons and two-variable potentiometer inputs. We've tested it with our range of LED Strips, Rings & Matrixes but it'll work with any LEDs that are compatible with Arduino and use the same connections.

There's an onboard switch to choose between powering the LEDs from the connected microcontrollers power supply or an external supply connected through the power screw terminal connection. Please note when powering the LEDs via an external power supply (VEXT) the connected microcontroller will also require powering.

Our guide and example code gives a detailed breakdown of the board and shows some of the possibilities for these inputs with a code example.

LED Shield - Compatible with Arduino Uno

The shield is designed to work with the Arduino Uno Rev3 but will also be compatible with other Arduino-based microcontrollers which use the same pinout layout such as the Seeeduino Cortex or the SparkFun Redboards.


  • Pot1: A1
  • Pot2: A0
  • Button 1: D2
  • Button 2: D3
  • NeoPixel Data: D6
  • DotStart:
    • CLK: D5
    • DATA: D4
  • VEXT: Terminal Connectors
  • VINT: Internal 5V Pin