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Are you new to Arduino and Raspberry Pi or an experienced maker wanting to learn something new or gain new inspiration? From introductions to the systems to learning how to make robots and gadgets, use RFID, set up wireless sensor networks, this range of books published by O'Reilly are a brilliant choice for everyone!
Getting Started With Rfid - Books
Arduino For Dummies - Books
Arduino Cookbook 2Nd Edition - Books Sold out
Make: Getting Started With The Photon - Books
Building Wireless Sensor Networks - Books
Atmospheric Monitoring With Arduino - Books
Raspberry Pi Hacks - Books
Raspberry Pi Cookbook - Books
Programming Interactivity (2Nd Edition) - Books
Making Things See - Books
Make: Arduino Bots And Gadgets - Books
Getting Started With Processing - Books
Getting Started With Netduino - Books
Getting Started With Bluetooth Low Energy - Bluetooth

Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy

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Environmental Monitoring With Arduino - Books