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An Introduction to the iPad with iOS9

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Apple iPads and iPad minis are becoming increasingly popular and with the release of the latest version of Apple's operating system iOS9, more people than ever are using them.

This book will guide you through setting up and using your iPad for the first time. It will provide you with many useful hints, tips and warnings about possible pitfalls you could encounter. The book is easy to understand as it is written in plain English and avoids technical jargon wherever possible and, also, has many easy to follow 'step-through' instructions.

among the useful topics covered are:

  • A brief look at the iPad
  • Configuring your iPad for the first time.
  • Connecting your iPad to your home network.
  • Working with e-mail and surfing the internet.
  • Exploring features of iOS9.
  • Getting and installing software from Apple's App Store.
  • Backing up your iPad.
  • Making video calls with FaceTime.
  • Simple troubleshooting.
  • And more besides...

This book will help you make the most of Apple's powerful new operating system installed on your iPad.

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