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Compact 16 Servo Driver Board for BBC micro:bit

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Take your robotics project to the next level with the Kitronik compact 16 servo driver board for the BBC micro:bit. This board allows up to 16 Remote Control (RC) servos to be driven simultaneously. It is based on the PCA9685 driver IC.

The board includes an integrated Edge Connector for the BBC micro:bit. Expansion Pads allow the connection of this board with another compatible micro:bit accessory boards using the “Link” pluggable pin header.

Power is provided via either a terminal block or servo-style connector. The supply is then controlled by an on/off power switch to the board. There is also a green LED to indicate when the board is turned on. The board then produces a regulated 3.3V supply which is fed into the 3V and GND connections to power the connected BBC micro:bit. This removes the need to power the BBC micro:bit separately. The 3V and GND pins are also broken out on the Link header, which means external devices can also be powered.

Kitronik has produced a set of custom blocks for the MakeCode editor to simplify using the Compact 16 servo control board for BBC micro:bit. To add them to the editor, select the cog icon in the top right of the editor. Then, select Extensions from the drop-down menu and in the search bar type and enter Kitronik. Pick the Kitronik I2C-16-servo tile from the list and the new blocks will be added to the menu in the editor.

Please Note:

  • micro:bit, batteries, power pack and servos not included
  • Works with both micro:bit V1 and V2
  • Drive up to 16 servo motors.
  • Servos take power directly from the board power supply.
  • Standard 0.1" pitch servo connectors.
  • Link Standard compatible.
  • This board also features an on/off switch and a power status LED. 
  • Includes fitted Edge Connector for the BBC micro:bit to slot into.
  • Power the board via either a terminal block or servo-style connector.
  • The 3V and GND pins are also broken out on the Link header, allowing external devices to be powered.
  • Code with the Microsoft MakeCode editor with custom blocks by Kitronik or with Python.


  • Length: 68mm.
  • Width: 46.5mm.
  • Height: 10.6mm.
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm.