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EL Wire Sound Activated Pocket Inverter - 5V USB Power

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A small, portable inverter for EL wire with an audio input! This inverter has a little microphone and will light the connected EL according to the surrounding audio volume. Makes for an easy reactive project.

This inverter requires 5V input (it works great with any USB power pack) and it can drive 2-3 meters (7 to 10 feet) of our high-brightness EL wire OR 1 meter (3 feet) of EL tape OR a 10cmx10cm piece of EL panel continuously for about 21 hours (off of 4xAA's).

There is a switch for selecting steady/sound/off modes - steady is 'always on'. Comes with a single 2.5mm pitch female JST connectors. To connect a 'raw' piece EL wire to this, you'll want a male connector wire

The EL inverter requires a 'load' to stabilize itself. Do not run the inverter without at least 2 ft of EL wire attached! Otherwise, the inverter can spike and damage itself

Like all inverters they've used, the 2000 Hz oscillation is slightly audible. To reduce the squeaking, it is suggested to open up the case padding it with thick foam tape/weatherstripping. Squirting some hot glue around the capacitors may also help