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Klip Halo for the BBC micro:bit

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The Klip Halo for the BBC micro:bit breaks out all of the pins from the micro:bit to pads spaced around the edge of the Klip Halo. The pads have been carefully designed and spaced so that they are ideal for use with E-Textiles projects and also for projects that require the use of Crocodile Leads.

The Klip Halo bolts directly onto the BBC micro:bit using five supplied screws which are secure and robust. The supplied mounting bar is used to fix the micro:bit to Klip Halo and already contains the required nuts as well as additional solder pads (PO, P1, P2, 3V & GND) should you require them.

There are multiple power and ground pads so that the same pads don't have to be used for every part of your project, which is a handy feature if you are using Crocodile Clips. Power is supplied to the board and the micro:bit via the rear mounted JST connector.

When a micro:bit is connected to the Klip Halo, power can be supplied in multiple ways. These are via the USB connector on the micro:bit, the JST connector on the micro:bit or Klip Halo, or using the power rings on the Klip Halo. Depending on which option is used affects the maximum and minimum voltage that can be used and the amount of current that can be drawn from the rings on the Klip Halo.

Please Note:

  • For more details and powering safety information, see the power information and safety datasheet for more information.
  • The supply voltage should be between 1.95V and 3.6V (3V being the recommended voltage.)
  • All micro:bit pins are broken out to pads that are easy to sew and attach Crocodile clips to.
  • Multiple power and ground pads.
  • Additional solder pads on mounting bar (PO, P1, P2, 3V & GND).
  • Bolts directly onto the BBC micro:bit.
  • Board and micro:bit can be powered via the JST connector.


  • 1 x Klip Halo for the BBC micro:bit.
  • 5 x Counter Sunk M3 x10mm Screws.


  • Diameter: 80mm.
  • Height: 3.2mm
  • Height With micro:bit: 10mm.
  • PCB Thickness: 1.5mm.