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Luxonis Oak-1 DepthAI Hardware

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The Oak-1 is an all-in-one machine vision solution. It’s a 4-trillion-operations-per-second AI powerhouse that performs your AI models on board so that your host is free to do whatever you need it to do.

Its integrated 12 MegaPixel camera module communicates over an on board 2.1 Gbps MIPI interface directly to the Myriad X, which ingests this data and performs neural inference on it, returning the results over USB.

Such a data path offloads the host processor from all of this work. In the common use case of object detection from a 12MP image, this means your host is now dealing with a 24 Kbps stream of what the objects are and where they are in the image, instead of a 2.1 Gbps stream of video. So an 87,500 reduction in data your host has to deal with, and such a reduction means that even on relatively slow hosts, one can use dozens of Luxonis OAK-1 without burdening the host CPU.