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Octopus UV Sensor

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The Octopus Analog UV sensor (GUVA-S12SD) is the UV electric brick in the Octopus series, the basic design of the Octopus electric bricks standardises the PCB fixing holes and the connectors so they are the same. This block can measure the total UV intensity of the sunlight; linear signal voltage output, and it can be used as UV dosimeters, UV index instruments and flame detection etc.

  • Design for the occasions needs a reliable and concise UV index.
  • Support micro:bit in 3V.
  • Easy and convenient for connection.


  • Working Voltage: DC 3~5.5V
  • Connection Mode: G-GND, V-VCC, S-signal pin
  • Test Precision: ±1 UV INDEX
  • Wavelength: 200nm-370nm
  • Response Time: Below 0.5 second
  • Size: 38.9x23.5mm